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Development History of Naem
Ever since, in every age, education and training has always been a central task, a great cause for the goal of comprehensive human development and social development.

President Ho Chi Minh, in his talk with the Management Training Classes II and high school teachers in the North on September 13, 1958, remarked: "For the sake of ten years, We have to cultivate good people and good cadres for our country, and the people, the Party and the government will give us training for our future generations. It is a heavy responsibility, but very glorious ... ".

            President Ho Chi Minh in his talk with the first cadre of the school on September 13, 1958

In the development of education in general and of each school in particular, management staff plays a decisive role. Recognizing this, since June 1964, the Ministry of Education has established in the provinces and cities the system of teacher training schools and educational administrators. From that milestone until becoming the National Academy of Management Education as today is a long way to develop through the changes:

In 1966, in order to carry out the task of fostering the management board of the district education office, secondary schools and organizing some refresher courses for the managers of the branch on some urgent issues in educational management. The educational ministry is directly under the ministry of education.

In 1976, the Council of Ministers decided to establish the School of Education Management Staff " based on the professional theoretical school of the Ministry of Education under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 190 / TTg of October 1, 1976.

           Prime Minister Pham Van Dong received delegates from the School of Management Education in 1985

In 1990, the Ministry of Education and Training decided to merge three units: "School of Management Education", "College of Education Management of Vocational Secondary School", "Research Center management and education economics "into" School of Management Education and Training "

Former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh paid a visit to the School of Education Management Staff" on the occasion of opening the training course for female managers.

                         Former Vice President Truong My Hoa visited and gave speech at the school in 1994

On 3/4/2006, the Prime Minister signed the Decision No. 501 / QD-TTg, establishing the National Academy of Education Management (NAEM)

                   Announcement of Establishment of "National Academy of Education Management" (13/05/2006)

              Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thien Nhan visited and worked at the NAEM in 2007

During nearly 40 years of building and growing up, the Academy has always maintained the leading role in leading the career of educating educational administrators to meet the needs of the development of education in the country. Although facing many difficulties and challenges, but the Academy is constantly improving both the organizational structure and quality teaching, strive constantly for the cause of education of the country. At present, the academic activities of the Academy are being developed in both breadth and depth; Scientific research has gained great achievements in both theoretical and practical application of the reform of the education system. Overseas activities are expanding, and many international conferences on education management have been organized and achieved great success.

                                 Acceptance test of the State-level scientific research project by the Academy

            Pictures at the signing ceremony of a joint training agreement with the University of Toulouse-France

These efforts have brought to the teachers and students of the National Academy of Education Management many awards, noble certificates of the Party and State such as Labor Medal third (1986), Labor Medal second class (2011) ) awarded by the State and for many consecutive years received the title of "Strong Party".

Former Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Minh Hien addressed at the ceremony to receive the excellent emulation flag of the school (1999-2000)




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