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Faculty of Management
- Address: Room 101, building A2
- Phone: 38649471
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Pursuant to Decision No. 359/QD-HVQLGD-TCCB dated October 22, 2007 on promulgating regulations on functions and tasks of faculties, departments and centers under the Academy of Education Management, the Faculty of Management has the responsibility following service: ....
Faculty leader:

+ Dean: Dr. Trinh Van Cuong
+ Vice Dean: Dr. Dang Minh Hien
Functions and duties of the Faculty of Management:

+ Coordinating with the Training Department to develop teaching and learning programs and plans; organize training according to the higher education program with the discipline code of Education Administration and some other codes of the Academy, teach topics in the field of education management for internal and external training and retraining courses. Academy.

+ Research and propose solutions to problems arising in the educational management process;

+ Consulting on program content, training methods and issues related to education management science for training centers for education management staff in localities.

+ Management of students majoring in Educational Management.

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